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Partner description: 

The Self-evolving Cognitive & Autonomic Networking (SCAN) group is a pioneering lab in the Dept. Informatics and Telecommunications of N.K. Univ. of Athens. SCAN members have wide expertise in technical and project management, system design, autonomic and cognitive networks, network management, service provision and mobile applications. SCAN has been involved in numerous international, mainly EU, and national projects, (ACTS WAND, RAINBOW; IST FP5 WINE, MOBIVAS, EURO-CITI, VIDEO-GATEWAY, BROADWAY, POLOS, ANWIRE; IST FP6 E2R, E2R II, LIAISON; IST FP7 E3, Self-NET, SACRA, CONSERN, Where2, (FI PPP) SmartAgriFood, UniverSelf) in the areas of Mobile/Wireless Communications, Advanced Applications and Services, Protocol Design, Reconfigurable and Cognitive Radio Systems, and Future Internet. SCAN researchers have undertaken project coordinator and technical manager roles (MOBIVAS, POLOS, Self-NET, SACRA, CONSERN) and have been actively striving for wide-area dissemination of SCAN’s research results through ETSI AFI, ETSI RRS, UMTS Forum, 3GPP, DMTF, MExE Forum as well as EU DG INFSO for event organisation and meeting hosting. The main technical focus of SCAN group in SPECIFI is the development of mechanisms and algorithms for context-aware cognitive service adaptation in telecom environment featuring heterogeneous capabilities, requirements and constraints. Furthermore, business ecosystem modeling and business architecture are also research topics of interest in the scope of SPECIFI.

Role in project: 

NKUA will lead WP8 on regarding service customisation and the functional extension of SPECIFI approach to be delivered over wireless technologies in an adaptive way. NKUA’s role is focusing on service personalisation and adaptation aspects, business modeling and definition and analysis of the technical requirements regarding the overall system and the different sub-domains of SPECIFI framework. NKUA can assist and support pilot activities and related exploitation in academic enviroments (i.e. interconnecting SPECIFI smart cities and NKUA campus).

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