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Interplay Software Srl (IS)

Partner description: 

Interplay Software s.r.l. is a SME based in Trento, Italy. Interplay started its activity in 2005. Interplay Software main business and competence core is Enterprise Content Management and mobile services. Interplay provides consultancy and development on projects such as web and video portals, and document management applications. Also, provides consultancy and support on open source content management platforms such as Alfresco ECM, Liferay Portal and Kaltura video platform. Interplay is certified Alfresco partner since 2008. Interplay has developed a software platform (StreetVideo) which enables implementation and deployment of interactive, augmented-reality video services. StreetVideo, together with POICentral (a multi-channel CMS and portal for points of interests), allows an organization to create video-based virtual tours to document urban landscapes, cultural heritage and sport events.

Interplay products and services apply to several industries, including tourism, commerce, real-estate, e-government. The company most important project so far has been the touristic portal of Trentino region (, which is the most visited destination portal in Italy.

Interplay has worked in several research projects, most notably:

  • Contractor of GridTrust project (IST FP6)- leader of applications Work Package
  • Consultant of Create-Net in Digital Business Ecosystems research

Contractor of GeoMedia – research project on interactive, georeferenced video services (in collaboration with local research centers – Create Net and Fondazione Bruno Kessler)

Role in project: 

Interplay will contribute its StreetVideo platform to the project, which will be functional to implementation and deployment of the pilot focussed on tourism in Italy. It will be involved in the activities related to overall analysis (user and technical requirements, WP2 and WP3); it will have an important role in the Pilot Italy (WP6), focussing on provisioning of the software technology for video capture and presentation. To this end, it will work on adaptation of the existing technology, in order to make it fit for the pilot; it will contribute directly, or in support to users or other partners, to video content capture, in order to populate the database of video with interesting touristic content. It will participate in systems integration activities, and platform support during pilots. Interplay will work with other partners in the activities related to technical scalability (WP8).

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