Smart Platform Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet

Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (ICUB)

Partner description: 

The City Council of Barcelona established, in 1996 the Culture Institute of Barcelona known as ICUB, as the selfcontent organism dedicated to carry out the municipal politics in culture, acting as a catalyst for culture in the city. More than 450 professionals work to lead the cultural project of the city. Since 2006 ICUB is a Public Business Entity Local (EPEL). A form of public authority provided by law that confers full legal capacity and self-management.

As part of the Department of Culture, Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation, the Institute develops the responsibilities of culture, creativity and innovation of the City Council. Through the management of museums and their cultural centers, the scheduling and production of festivals the citizens, the participation in the Barcelona Library Consortium, or the cooperation with a group of cultural facilities and projects and cultural associations that receive its support, as well as with the cooperation with several universities in the city, and other institutions tried to promote the culture, creativity and innovation, ICUB works to promote cultural development and innovation throughout the city. Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council) has participated in several European Projects, experience that will ensure the proper Management of the Europeana SeCRETS Best Practice Network.

Direction in Creativity and Innovation

From July 2011 ICUB has created new directions, including the Department of Creativity and Innovation to promote policies that support the scientific, technological culture and digital culture. To promote activities in the different areas of culture, that work in creative content, in order to strengthen the creative industries as an engine of economic and social progress. Support and promote the creation of the city clusters in sectors related to cultural industries. To promote lines of support for the creation of cultural enterprises and entrepreneurs. To take advantage of the opportunity that Barcelona will have in the next years, as the Mobile World Capital driving new innovation and creative entrepreneurship in the city. To promote technological innovation to the different cultural equipments as well as information management systems and culture, to improve the quality and accessibility. From the convergence between the fields of culture and ICT, innovation offers new opportunities to Barcelona to exercise their cultural capital and become a great centre of culture, knowledge and innovation. In this new environment new community spaces for the citizens innovation appear: open laboratories, living labs, fablabs, building factories, Citilab ... and innovation networks (cultural ring, Barcelona Cultural Ring, audio-visual rings, etc.). The direction is also responsible of the Cultural Tourism sector of Barcelona Municipality.

This Direction is set with the aim to coordinate and promote the community of artists, researchers, scientists, technologists, entrepreneurs and citizens interested in innovation and entrepreneurship related with culture and ICT.

Role in project: 

ICUB will be mainly focused on:

  1. Cultural and Creative industries involvement in the project.
  2. Gathering users requirements.
  3. WP5 platform testing and validation.
  4. Specific WP5 content creation.
  5. WP5 Users training
  6. Coordination of the Catalan pilot
  7. Platform feedback and evaluation
Partner Type: 
Public Entity