Smart Platform Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet

i2CAT fundació privada Internet e innovació digital a Catalunya (i2CAT)

Partner description: 

The i2CAT Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting research and innovation in advanced Internet technology. i2CAT promotes the deployment of services and wideband applications from both public and private research and innovation communities. i2CAT has participated in multiple national and international projects (i3media, Vision, HDVIPER, FP6 PHOSPHORUS, FP7 FEDERICA) related to high quality media over high bandwidth optical networks, being a pioneer institution in Europe in the design, deployment and provision of advanced HD media services to the academic and creative user communities Furthermore, since 2001, i2CAT has been participating in HD demonstrations of cultural events around the world. At this moment, i2CAT supplies its high quality videoconference platform as one of its key services, and develops an intensive research and innovation work on this system in order to improve it. Also, i2CAT has a vast experience on optical network management and transmission. i2CAT is currently managing its test platform LambdaCat, which is an optical transport test facility with an extension of 60km with four R-OADM nodes. With this infrastructure, content providers, application developers and network programmers can test their developments a real environment, to validate them before the production phase. As a result of its envision of the Future Internet, recently i2CAT was invited to join the ISO JTC1/SC6 Technical Committee.

Role in project: 

The i2CAT foundation will be mainly focused on:

  1. The Support to the Catalan pilot (WP5)
  2. Support in the infrastructure access and ultra-fast networks.
  3. Development and adaptation of the advanced media technologies required.
  4. Apply the living lab methodologies to the project.

Results dissemination at social/cultural level and in the technical community.

Partner Type: 
Research Institute