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Gruppo Editoriale Trentino S.r.l (GET)

Partner description: 

Founded in 1981, G.E.T Srl quickly carved a significant place for itself in the regional television landscape. Through widespread enhancement of high frequency television, providing more coverage in the region, it has been able to serve over 80% of the population of the Trentino Alto Adige region with their frequencies. TRENTINO TV, the group's main television channel, is now the top local private broadcaster from either the standpoint of market coverage or audience data. In the sixth national exhibition of public communication and citizen services TRENTINO TV won third prize among Italian private television channels for the quality of its programming.


On the basis of specific editorial choice and thanks to a noted staff of journalists and technicians, TRENTINO TV is in all respects "Television in Service to the Citizen," fulfilling its mission to play a real part in the diverse world of information. The program is exclusively local; it provides a vast amount of information, together with sports, cultural, social, political, economic, tourist and gastronomic. It focuses particular attention to the cultures and traditions of the many minority ethnic languages that distinguish our region.


The implementation of a multimedia platform was created by increasing the awareness of the importance of a convergence of technologies for the dissemination of information to and from the citizen. This is to be implemented by adding a new form of communication that takes advantage of a multi-channel structured platform and all the technological tools available today. After an initial phase of gathering information about this family of additional technologies, Gruppo Editoriale Trentino Srl invested time and resources of various kinds in the preparation of the to develop the expertise and technological knowledge, intended as a starting point for the future implementation of technologies and architectures of greater sophistication and effectiveness.


The entire media platform anticipated at the end of the project is based on digitization, which offers the opportunity to transmit useful information to citizens and tourists using new methods, ensuring among other things high definition images, wide choice of content, reception programs / information on demand and interactivity now available which promises more personalized use.

This project, therefore, seeks to promote synergistic action between all the actors involved, from the study of the basic information needs of tourism operators in the area, reinforcing the participatory action of the citizen through a horizontal perspective, based on the logic of use - sharing Typical content of a changing world and now technology interconnected across multiple levels.


From October 21, 2006 TRENTINO TV is also on the Eutelsat Hotbird 6, 13 degrees East, frequency 11.541 MHz, Simbolrate 22.000, FEC 5/6, and vertical polarization on channel 838 of SKY branded IN TRENTINO.


From September 1, 2007 TRENTINO TV is also available on the web. By accessing the menu NEWS ON DEMAND or VIDEO ON DEMAND to see what you want, where you want, whenever you want.


From April 2011 TRENTINO TV is also available as a mobile application on the Apple platform and SmartPhone.

Role in project: 

GET will contribute to the project with its Tourism IPTV platform, functional to implementation and deployment of the pilot focussed on tourism in Italy. GET will be involved in the activities related to user and technical requirements and will have an important role in the Pilot Italy, in the setup and preparation of the IPTV platform component of the technical infrastructure used for the piloting, in the preparation and adaptation of the content used for IPTV channels, in the identification and involvement of target users for these services.

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