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Dialogic Innovation & Interaction (DIA)

Partner description: 

Dialogic is a Netherlands-based research consultancy that operates on the cutting face of public policy and technology. Over the past fifteen years it has built a strong reputation in the fields of innovation policy (including evaluation of innovation policy), broadband and media strategy, information strategy and education. The nature of the main fields of activities are reflected in the expertises and qualifications of the staff members, which are a mixture of social scientists (public management, political sciences, economics) and engineers (electronics, systems engineering). Several of them have a PhD and teach at universities. 

The main focus of the research of Dialogic – and a recurrent theme in nearly all its work – is the way how innovations are actually being brought about, and how they change the functioning of established firms, organizations and markets and – more generally – the economy and society as such. Starting points are innovation policy, innovation systems, and innovation management, with a strong focus on measurement of innovation. Dialogic has a vast expertise in the collection and analysis of innovation data, both the supply side (e.g., rollout of new infrastructures and services) and the demand side (e.g., demand and expectations of users of innovations, penetration of new technologies in various sectors of society). We make both use of existing data sources and statistics and our own data (e.g., gathered by means of various types of surveys or field research) and subsequently develop our own measurement and indicators. Dialogic researchers are acknowledged international experts in this field and are for instance regularly consulted by the OECD and the EU. The company has played a key role in the establishment of the Netherlands as of one the leading countries in the world on broadband. Dialogic has not only been involved in high-level strategic research and decision-support (e.g., national and regional broadband policies), but also in the hands-on aggregation of demand for broadband capacity, the definition and development of broadband services, and the implementation and management of local and regional broadband projects. We attach great importance to the proper interaction between all stakeholders. Dialogic supports all groups involved with forward looking strategic (policy) research and research-based consultancy. Over the years, Dialogic has built strong expertise in interactive policy making and market research, using a variety of methods and tools ranging from all kinds of user surveys to the analysis of diaries and logs, electronic meetings, online debates, electronic voting, interactive workshops and citizens panels. We have applied these methods and tools at all administrative levels, both at the local, regional, national or supranational level.

Dialogic has a staff of about 20 researchers. Annual turnover is approximately 2 million Euro. Dialogic is characterised by a very flat hierarchy and basically functions as a partnership of independent experienced researchers. Most of these researchers specialize in one of the four core areas of Dialogic: broadband and media strategy, innovation policy, information strategy or education. In project teams, usually a mix of the various expertises and hence of different people is involved.

Role in project: 

Dialogic will act as the lead-partner for Work Package 7: Business Modelling. As such, Dialogic will apply its output and impact measuring skills, to gain insight in usage, costs and benefits, and social and economic impact of the different pilots. Based on this, it will draw up a business plans for the most viable platforms and services within these pilots.

Partner Type: 
Research Institute