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Centre for REsearch And Telecommunication Experimentation for NETworked Communities / CREATE-NET (CN)

Partner description: 

CREATE-NET is an international research consortium based in Northern Italy, founded in April 2003 by some of the most prestigious universities and research centres in Europe. It has established a network of over 300 research partners throughout Europe, including top research institutions and companies. The centre also has significant collaborations with leading institutions in the US (MIT and GeorgiaTech), China (Tsinghua and BUPT), South Africa (SAP/Meraka), and Israel (Technion). CREATE-NET is engaged in combining highest quality research and addressing telecommunications and advanced services challenges, with experimentation on a unique real life testing and experimentation infrastructure in Trentino. The innovation is among the key objectives of CREATE-NET. It is a founding member of the European Alliance of Innovation (EAI), which is a grassroots movement initiated through cooperation among public, private and government organizations. The alliance addresses the global challenges of Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation, focusing on societal issues and application areas of greatest potential for ICT-driven innovations. The mission of the center is to bring together leading research groups across Europe and beyond, to become a catalyst for research collaboration and experimentation in all areas of advanced communication and networking. Specifically, CREATE-NET has the objectives:

  • to be an excellence for research on telecommunication;
  • to promote technology transfer, engineering technologies and solutions;
  • to promote innovation for the improvement of European competiveness in high-tech sectors;
  • to focus on application areas with recognized impacts on the quality of life for the global society.

In CREATE-NET, together with the search for excellence in the telecommunications sector and advanced services, there is a unique real-life experimentation carried out using a Testbed developed in the locally which directly involves citizens in testing the services. This approach allows the development of mobile broadband connections, wireless and optical, guaranteeing security and privacy in the exchange of information and developing services for the community available anywhere anytime, such as the example of three dimensional interactions with intelligent devices.

CREATE-NET has also helped to develop strong synergies with the local context, creating an ecosystem of collaborative scientific and technological experimentation that allowed them to set up research groups and joint laboratories with the University of Trento and support innovation and competitiveness of local productive context for initiatives such as: network-based services of sensors for detecting the risk of ice, to control the tunnel road and info-mobility and converged services over IP networks, mesh , broadband networks on both wireless and optical networking, social care, and home automation. This allowed the center to begin to position itself as an incubator and catalyst for the transfer of research results into new business opportunities in Italy. From 2003, CREATE-NET achieved excellent results in funding projects, winning 32 projects funded by national and international public agencies (19 European projects, 9 national and 4 local) and other 15 projects funded by ICT industries.

Role in project: 

CREATE-NET is a research centre that pursues innovation among its key objectives also as technological transfer from research to users. Our participation in this projects and our role, is instrumental to this strategic objective as we see a very high potential towards market and service innovation as result of this project.  CREATE-NET will cover aspects related to the requirement analysis and the pilot activities at the local level in Trentino. We will be part also of the other WPs on identification of key scalability factors and dissemination at the local and international level.

Partner Type: 
Research Institute