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Partner description: 

Art centre BUDA is a private non-profit organization, and is a workspace for artists, a festival organizer and an art cinema.

Workspace. Art centre BUDA welcomes about 40 artists or collectives on a yearly basis. They come to live and work temporary in Kortrijk. They have at their disposal studios in the Buda tower, two technical equipped theatre halls, a team of technicians an two boarding houses to stay overnight.

Festival organizer. The artists in residence present their work to an audience during festivals throughout the season: Fresh (2 or 3 times in spring), Kortrijk Congé (mid Juy) and the international festival NEXT for the Eurometropolis Lille, Kortrijk, Tournai (autumn).

Art cinema. Art centre BUDA present at least three films a day in Budascoop. Next to that, we organize on a regular basis film projects that take up by topic the live art work or that are specially addressed to children, teenagers, senior citizens, etc. The programme offers an alternative for the rather commercial offer elsewhere.

Role in project: 

Artists in residence in Art centre BUDA will develop disclose their content via fixed and mobile applications. If possible they’ll do it in connection with the people involved in Leylab, the fiber network in the city of Kortrijk.  During the project Art centre BUDA will focus on delivering content, e.g. by recording and live streaming of the performances. As BUDA is also a festival organizer we also like to present performances developed in Barcelona and Trento using the fast technology. Therefore art centre BUDA has three movie theatres. This opens also the possibility to share digital movies with other partners.

Partner Type: 
Non-profit Organization