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Belgacom SA (BEL)

Partner description: 

Belgacom has about 17.000 employees to deliver services towards the consumer and enterprise market. Belgacom is the number one player in wireless phone services and has a nationwide VDSL network with iDTV services. With 800.000 customers in the iDTV market in only 5 years in a > 90% covered analogue cable TV market, Belgacom has proven to be able to enter existing market segments based on state of the art technology. Belgacom is a worldwide pioneer in iDTV over IP.  Belgacom is a frontrunner in VDSL2 rollout. In a few years time Belgacom has deployed a massive VDSL2 coverage where we already bring fiber to the curb (FTTC). This shows that Belgacom has the expertise and capacity to successfully deploy fiber. A 30 FTE Innovation department is streamlining and introducing new and innovative models in the Belgacom DNA. Furthermore Belgacom has an excellent relation with other industrial R&D lab’s and Universities. Not only technologic evolution is in our interest, but also the impact of such new technologies into the social environment for the end user. This allows us to define the right strategies to introduce state of the art technology into consumer and business community.

Role in project: 
  • FTTH as a technological key project: Supporting a fiber infrastructure in a city like Kortrijk gives us the opportunity to analyze and evaluate the different economic and infrastructure related aspects in relation to civil architectural differences.
  • NGA products and services: the broadband capacity linked to FTTH offers new perspectives for offering products and services to our end customers. This project is an important contribution in order to determine the business value of such services (FTTH and NGA).
  • Research concerning new business models in relation to new media and the Creative Industries are merely some examples of areas in which new economic activities can be established. As far as media are concerned, the potential of the evolutions of HD and 3D need to be considered. Next to that, higher performance – bandwidth as well as service delivery – will be required in view of the vision of home care and the increasing aging of the population.

This project will enable Belgacom to establish the latter within a framework with specific partners. This kind of collaboration will also facilitate a future commercial exploitation of the services tested.

Partner Type: 
Industrial Partner