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SPECIFI at ICT Vilnius 2013

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Simon Delaere of iMinds, a research institute based in Belgium, partner of SPECIFI, reports a warm welcome to our project from the participants to  ICT Vilnius 2013 as follows:

"ICT Vilnius was a great success for SPECIFI and the Creative Ring, and this for many reasons: first of all our booth demonstrated tools originating from the three pilots, including collaboration between two pilots (Kortrijk and Trento). All the tools shown received specific interest and even some possible follow-up leads; moreover the challenges organised by the Kortrijk team, while accurately demonstrating the objectives and mechanisms of the CreaCity App, drew a lot of visitors to the stand and kept them long enough to find out what the CR is about. Besides that, the artistic rewards provided by the local collaborators were very nice. The Barcelona-led collaboration with the VISIONAIR project for the on-stage live performance between artists in Barcelona, Poznan, Grenoble and the conference itself was a great success: it worked flawlessly (the second day even better than the first), it drew a lot of spectators and Commissioner Neelie Kroes stopped in front of the stage right during the second performance, where Artur Serra was able to grab her attention and explain what we are doing.Two people from GET have filmed extensive footage in HD of the event, including interviews, and will turn this into a number of nice movies for all of you to use. During the last minutes of the expo I got to explain SPECIFI and the Creative Ring to the Lithuanian Minister of Economy, who was being guided around. The Head of NEM (Networked and Electronic Media) visited our stand and wishes to collaborate with us for his next General Assembly to be held in Brussels. We have seen a number of projects and initiatives and have met with several people that were very interested in and complementary to the Creative Ring. Lastly I believe we have demonstrated what the Creative Ring is about as a concept, and also gave several successful examples of the tools it should offer."

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