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Workshop 21st January 2014 in Brussels

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On January 21st some SPECIFI project partners participated the Workshop "Exploring the role of local communities in materials research. From the best practices to policy" in Bruxelles. The Workshop has been organized at The Egg  by the InnoMatNets Project.

The aim of the workshop was to explore the importance of involving and empowering citizens, local communities and creative industries in material research, bridging the gap between material industry and citizens, as an meaningful point towards a sustainable economy and community.

Four presentations steamed from the SPECIFI Project activities:

1) Alain Heureux (The Egg): "The Egg-Change Project"

2) Francesco Botto (CREATE-NET) and Sabina Barcucci (MuSe FabLab in Trento): "Makers Communities and MuSe Science Museum in the SPECIFI Project"

3) Artur Serra (I2CAT) and Tomas Diez Ladera (IAAC FabLab in Barcelona): "Three Experiences at Barcelona Lab"

4) Simon Delaere (iMinds): "The Creative Ring"