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Successful "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon coordinated by CREATE-NET

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The 20th of September 2014 the "IoTogether" Remote Co-working Hackathon between Trento (IT) and Barcelona (SP) has been coordinated by CREATE-NET. The event involved makers, designers and hackers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT), and it aimed at developing wearables and smart environments projects during an intensive (9am-9pm) day of work and play.

Eight teams have been created by connecting 8 groups of participants from the MuSe Museum of Science in Trento and Fabra i Coast in Barcelona. Teams defined their own project idea and started the prototype creation process by developing physical objects - with FabLab tools - and creating IoT solutions out of sensors and software development. A Future Internet videoconferencing service connected the two sides of the teams and sustained plenary sessions.

The following projects have been created:
1. "SeeTy": a urban garden community that merges gardens around the world.
2. "LoveTotem": a lamp to express remote feelings for lovers.
3. "WineCheck": check wine bottles temperatures on your smartphone.
4. "Remote Interactive House Control": remote management of houses temperature & humidity.
5. "EmotionalBag": a bag monitoring and displaying its user's emotional status.
6. "SmartGlove": a glove that senses the heart beat and the level of stress.
7. "BluePresence": a smartwatch managing smartlights with power consumption profiling.
8. "CarFinder": cars tracking on the web with GPS sensor.

58 participants joined the event. The team members of the first two classified projects received a set of IoT sensors.

  • 1st classified: Team 7 composed by Tarcisio Fedrizzi, Enrico Marchesin, Emanuele Olivetti, Damiano Donati, Simone Buratti, Nicola Pedot, Dennys Paillacho, Karthikeyan P. Saravanan and Rajagopal Hariharan.
  • 2nd classified: Team 2 composed by: Giulio Pilotto, Aitor Mejías, Mirco Piccin, Josep Romero, Andrea Vial and Cristian Pinto.


Partnership: CREATE-NET, MuSe, BCNLab, I2CAT and the City of Barcelona.


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