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One week workshop with creative students in Trento

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From the 13th to the 17th January 2015 Interplay Software met the creative students of the Artigianelli Pavoniano Institute in Trento in the context of the #Specifi project: the European pilot project on the combination of technology and creativity. "Tourism Lab", one of the task of the project, provides to create a community of professionals on the #video #storytelling applied to the tourism sector. After a first technical workshop, with developers of the Kortrijk University (Belgium), it was decided to test the #Videovivo platform with creative students, precisely for the complementary nature of the two approaches.

The workshop, which lasted a week, not only allowed the students to experience the #Videovivo's usability and graphical interface, but also to create a #video #interactive #story. The students selected videos to 'enrich', created a storyboard, identified the content, chose the desired interactive effects and their graphic performance.

The result are three video projects whose titles are: "An interactive emotion", "The Centenary of the Great War: interactive guide to the historical places in Trentino", "The Barber of Seville in 2 minutes - a interactive curtailment of G. Rossini ".

Fundamental elements for a good result are creativity and #visual #storytelling skills.