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TRENTO - The ICT Days 2013 is a four-day event (20-23 march 2013) focused this year on open data, big data, smart cities, social innovation, ICT & gender and quality of live. The objective of this fifth edition was to promote social innovation through ICT, in order to increase collective awareness of the potential benefits to the local territory and communities that change can bring.

On 22nd March 2013 in “Le Albere”, Trento, renowned international experts from the world of technology research and industry were joining to evaluate the future of cities wired by optical fiber thanks to new ICT Technologies.

The event, organized by The University of Trento, FBK-Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Trento RISE, has been a networking opportunity for students, businesses, universities and research centers, but also a chance to learn about the world of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) through, conferences and live demonstrations of the application of research projects.

The housing estate “Le Albere” was chosen to celebrate the conference because it is both an icon of Trentino’s technological expectations and the first example of a commercial and residential district built and projected on innovative architecture by Renzo Piano which is digitised in optical fiber.

The conference held on 22nt March 2013 was called “A window of the future: Smart City in a changing society” and was honoured by the presence of a special guest, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web as well as programmed the first web server and browser client for the web. He highlighted the potential of the web in order to help break down geographic and cultural barriers. Moreover he pointed out the importance of sharing, which would help our world overcoming big issues affecting it as global warming and political issues. He also talked about the future of intelligent cities, the increasing potential and power of the internet and the need to keep the Web open and accessible to all to help foster future innovation

CREATE-NET together with Alcatel Lucent Italia was also taking part in the ICT Days 2013 with the EU SPECIFI Project, in order to show this project to the public and to exhibit the house of the future with optical fiber optic technology.

The event was created with the goal of opening the first residential area of Trentino wired optical fiber. After the industrial districts reached by the FTTH (Fiber To The Home), the individual houses will run at 1000 MB, which is becoming a symbol of the technological development in Trentino. Each apartment at Le Albere was brought to the optical fiber so going to cover the last mile, traditionally made of copper.

Among the various demos and cutting-edge projects shown, Alcatel Lucent content distribution platform, will instead see how video content for Live and Video on Demand (VoD) can be enjoyed on a TV equipped with a special widget integrated and, most importantly, how it is possible synchronize the different mobile devices in the home, so as to have the same content and without solution of continuity, from a terminal (eg. TV) to another (eg. iPad).

In the SPECIFI project, CREATE-NET and Alcatel Lucent are partners in order to foster the availability of high bandwidth networks on the local territory as an opportunity to offer distinctive and attractive content and services to tourists, giving at the same time the opportunity to access these services also in mobility, in order to fully support tourists during their visits.