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Discovering the all-new Playground Kortrijk app

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PLAYGROUND is a game application developed within the context of SPECIFI project that allows users to discover the city in a playful way. The application and its interactive game mechanics were designed in close cooperation with New Heroes Foundation in Amsterdam and iMinds (Ghent, Belgium).

PLAYGROUND has been designed for Kortrijk and was never used before. Kortrijk citizens and visitors will use the app on their smartphones throughout October. Their experience and feedback will then stimulate further development by the promoters.

How to use PLAYGROUND? Players can choose the challenges they prefer. Most of them want to encourage meetings and social interaction: players are asked to share objects, experiences, thoughts and emotions with other people. The ultimate goal is to re-discover the city in a playful way while getting to know other people.

After completing a challenge players gain “tokens” that can be used to buy special experiences: exclusive concerts at the local swimming pool, an all-inclusive romantic night at the local museum, a movie theatre booked for the player and her/his friends, cooking classes with the chef Matthias Speybrouck and many others.

The application PLAYGROUND Kortrijk can be downloaded for free on Play Store throughout October. For Apple users, the release on the Appstore is postponed to the second half of October due to the launch of iOS 8. Players can earn tokens until the end of October, whereas experiences will continue until end of November. On the 29th of November a final party at Budafabriek in Kortrijk will conclude the experiment.

For more info please contact:

  Bas van Rijnsoever, Stichting Nieuwe Helden


  Wouter Vandenbosch, iMinds (app-design) 

    wouter.vandenbosch@iminds.be00 32 9 331 48 05

  Sarah Verzeele, kunstencentrum BUDA (communication) - 0032 56 22 10 01

  Dominique Viaene, stad Kortrijk (SPECIFI delegate in Kortrijk) - 0032 56 27 70 59