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The Creative Ring at New frontiers for European entrepreneurs

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“New frontiers for European entrepreneurs” is an event focused on SMEs, innovation and entrepreneurship held in Brussels at the EGG on April 29th, 2014. This conference is co-organised by the European Commission, Deloitte, EBN and DIGITALEUROPE and wants to stimulate lively discussion on digital entrepreneurship by showcasing top technology start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs in Europe with the potential to grow exponentially in international markets.

The event is supported by a number of European initiatives such as SPECIFI. Our project has been invited to be part of the Creative Industries strand, one of the three main sections of the programme.

SPECIFI and the Creative Ring will be initially introduced by Simon Delaere during the session “What’s up in Europe’s creative industries?” Our project will then co-organise a 1-hour session together with Cluster2020 entitled “Connecting Creative Districts and Clusters”. Fabio Antonelli, Alain Heureux and Artur Serra will there examine the Creative Ring looking at current achievements and future exciting opportunities to be explored. The Creative Ring will be finally and officially launched during the event’s conclusive plenary session.

Check this page to read the latest version of the programme and don’t forget to follow our SPECIFI/Creative Ring Twitter accounts!