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Best bits of the Creative RIng at ICT 2013

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ICT 2013, the popular event on ICT and new technologies organized by the European Commission, took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) from the 6th to the 8th of November and gathered more than 4.000 participants. This video presents three different applications showcased by the Creative Ring during the event. First, a paper prototype of the forthcoming Belgian CreaCity App through which visitors could discover its planned features by carrying out nine playful activities. Then an interactive, annotated video for tourism was showed: a short film about Vilnius was enriched by clickable markers giving information on the city, its monuments and history. Finally, the Creative Ring presented an Internet-assisted artistic performance on stage: a piece of music was played live by musicians located in different cities and accompanied by a dancer performing in Grenoble (France) whose avatar was sent over the network and displayed remotely during the show.

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