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Barcelona Lab – Conference, February 20th-21th, 2014

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BarcelonaLab is an initiative of the Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Barcelona designed to foster and catalyze the culture of innovation in the city of Barcelona. The yearly event BarcelonaLab Event 2014 is a 2-day conference aiming to reflect upon creative industries and innovation in urban areas. The event, held from the 20th to the 21th of February in Barcelona, blended around 100 people coming from universities, art laboratories, public administrations, companies and ICT-focused organizations. The first day’s programme deepened how the future of cities depends on creating laboratories of innovation as well as discovering a bottom-up capacity to foster creativity and innovation for smarter and more intelligent cities.

BarcelonaLab Event 2014’s programme was characterized by:

·         An official presentation and state-of-the-art of both BarcelonaLab and ICT & Art Connect strategic activities;

•        Keynotes: key speakers such as Horst Hoertner (Director of FutureLab, Ars Electronica) shared the vision and mission of noteworthy international initiatives encouraging innovation in art, creativity and urban spaces;

•        Open-spaces for debate and matchmaking sessions;

•        Status and work plan of significant initiatives such as The Creative Ring tackling various ICT-related domains: creative industries, smart cities, public libraries, robotics innovation facilities, web publishing and the like;

•        Networking spaces where new ideas, initiatives and projects were forecasted and discussed.


The Living Labs topic was enthusiastically tackled during the conference: speakers such as Ines Garriga and Artur Serra pinpointed the importance of Living Labs in fostering co-creative innovation processes within European cities.

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