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The city of Kortrijk, partner of SPECIFI, held the Apps4Kortrijk event on the 31st of January and 1st of February, 2014.

The initiative attracted students, VOKA (the Flemish Network of Enterprises) Bryo (Voka Bright & Young network), Microsoft Innovation Center Flanders as well as a number of Flemish startups.

Title of this event was “Double Kortrijk’s population by 2030 (But it's not what you think)”. The goal was seeking for means to attract more citizens to stay in the city (e.g. after the end of the studies) or to stimulate people to move to Kortrijk, using all-new technologies and apps developed in Kortrijk.

Participants could make use of the Kortrijk DataTank and APIs part of the Specifi toolkit  (iPoints, MediaHaven, etc).

On the 1st of February, after 24 hours of hard work, the 10 teams had the opportunity to present their work in front of a competent jury.

The winner of this contest was Tim Leytens with an app called UitInKortrijk based on three data sets (Cultuurnet, uitdatabank and Parko) providing a complete set of information about the city and its activities.

During and after the 24-hour session participants were asked for feedback. Several positive reactions were collected:

-          “I never took part in such an event and I never created an app. It’s not that easy but it tastes like more. This is definitely something I will keep doing in the future”.

-          “At school you learn a lot of theories and then you normally apply them in exercises. This session went much beyond this setting and I learnt a lot more during these 24 hours than in class. Applying knowledge is fun”.

-          “I tried to apply new methodologies I was not familiar with. This challenged me and encouraged a learning-by-doing experience. I will come back next time”.

It’s fun, but exhausting…