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SPECIFI participates in the Networked Art event "Embodied in varios darmstadt’ 58"

On 30th of October will be held a dance and telematics music show entitled "Embodied in varios darmstadt’ 58", with the body-sound as the core of the research on the relationship between the dancer and the musician. Artists will be located in Brazil, Spain and Mexico, performing in real time via Internet.

The stage action, which seeks to explore the relationship between movement and music, will take place simultaneously in the three participating countries. In Barcelona (Spain), the Fabra i Coats venue will host the event, where the audience will be able to enjoy the show on-site, plus follow it via on-line streaming.

The i2CAT Foundation, in the framework of the SPECIFI project, participates in the event as a technical partner. “Embodied in varios darmstadt’ 58” is the result of months of collaboration between artists and engineers working for the multimedia stage production.


When: Wednesday, October the 30th at 8pm at Fabra i Coats (Barcelona)

Broadcasted via streaming at Xanela TV

More information about the embodied project here




Monday, October 28, 2013