Smart Platform Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet

The Creative Ring: Towards Connected Smart and Creative Cities and citizens, FIA, Dublin

In order to address this, the Creative Ring is proposed and discussed as a new experimental community and platform for sharing creative and innovative content and activities all over Europe, using advanced Internet technologies and networks. It is based on an open collaboration between local artists and creative industries (comprising cultural, media, arts, advertising and other sectors) with universities, local authorities and ICT companies in each city and region. This way, the Creative Ring intends to bring together solutions for infrastructure, useful and proven FI systems and applications, the Creative Industries which can experiment or deploy these systems and the resulting innovative content.

During this session, the objectives, structure, composition and first plans will be discussed with stakeholders in an open way. Also, a first example of a Creative Ring inspired collaboration between Creative Industries and citizens in multiple European cities will be presented, and subsequently illustrated live during the FIA demo sessions.

Tentative Programme

  1. Introduction   (15min)
    • Pieter Ballon, iMinds, representing the SPECIFI project
    • Artur Serra & Ines Garriga, Directors of BLC, i2cat and City of Barcelona.
  2. Round Table 1: What can/should the Creative Ring be? Initial proposals (40 min.)
  • Moderation: TBC


  • Carmen McWilliams, Grassroot Arts, Koln, Germany
  • Dimitra Simenoudiu, University of Bristol, UK (The Bristol city “Digital Playground”)
  • Artur Binczewski, Poznan, Poland
  • CreateNet, representative of the City and Province of Trento, Italy
  • Frederic Noel, Visionair, Grenoble, France
  1. Round Table 2: The Creative Ring in action: let’s start! (20 min)
  • Francisco Iglesias, IGLOR, Barcelona: Performing combined live events in HD across Europe
  • BUDA-Fabriek, City of Kortrijk and Alcatel-Lucent: Media distribution systems
  1. Questions and conclusions (10 min)
    • Pieter Ballon, iMinds
    • Artur Serra, I2CAT


19-20h. Artistic demo between musicians in Barcelona, Kortrij, Trento and Dublin

Internal practicalities

This session will be fitted into the Connected Smart Cities Workshop Programme.

In terms of projects involved, the project responsible for this session is CIP SPECIFI. However, it is the precise objective of the Creative Ring to operate independently from a specific project –in any case beyond the project’s lifetime- so as to attract members and interested stakeholders from other projects active on the crossroads of FI and the Creative Industries. In first instance, this concerns the Connected Smart City projects, the FIRE+ Community, FI-PPP and regional and national initiatives on Creativity (such as the newly established Creative Regions Network). Examples of projects we are currently already in contact with are FI-CONTENT, CityLIVE, EPIC and VISIONAIR.



Register here for the session, part of the Connected Smart Cities workshop. You also need to register to FIA Dublin here (7th May). The Creative Ring session is part of the PRE-FIA workshops.


For more information about the Creative link see here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013