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BarcelonaLab event: “The Creative Citizens”

BarcelonaLab is an initiative of the Institute of Culture of the Municipality of Barcelona designed to foster and catalyse the culture of innovation in the city of Barcelona, through the creation of a real ecosystem for collaborative and open innovation all around the city and open to the whole citizenship.

In the first event that took place in December 2012 more than 150 stakeholders of the city innovation environment met together in an open space for co-creation, starting new ideas, projects and initiatives.

One year later, and always under the umbrella of the BarcelonaLab, several different projects are running, each with its own Working Plan, difficulties and objectives. Some of them come and are promoted by the universities, others from the companies, others from the communities and also others from a combination of them. But always with a common point: challenges opened to the city for helping them with their necessities, experiment with real scenarios and at the same time enabling new real scenarios for it.

Next 20th and 21st February 2014, the second general session takes place BarcelonaLab Event 2014 focused on the topic of “The creative citizens”. This year the event is co- organized by ICT & Art Connect project, a European network for promoting the combination between Art and Technology. Discover more here (in Catalan) and join us in Barcelona!

Thursday, February 20, 2014 to Friday, February 21, 2014