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Deliverable 2.1 "Scenarios, Use cases and Requirements Deliverable"

The main objective of the first task in WP2 is to agree on a general use case and define the local points of attention for each pilot, as well as to delineate cross-border versus local issues to be investigated. This document presents the first version of the delineation of scenarios and use cases and will serve as a living document to be refined in an iterative way along the project (M5-M30). It describes the first ideas on use cases for the pilot cities Kortrijk, Trento and Barcelona as well as a more general ‘Creative Ring’ scenario based on the common elements between the provided local pilots use case descriptions and based on the SPECIFI demonstrator developed for the ‘Future Internet Assembly’ at Dublin (April 2013). For the pilot WPs (4, 5 & 6) this document will serve as a first common starting point to initiate local processes of user and stakeholder involvement in order to enable pilot-specific research from M8 onwards.  

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