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Deliverable 4.4 "Co-producing Creative Industries applications & Apps for Kortrijk events"

This document provides a concise overview of the different methodologies applied to involvecreative industries in an early phase of the creation process when generating new applications.It is important, when envisaging co-creation mechanisms to support creative industries, toinstantiate and support joint activities at different levels of creative minds. This document providesinputs on the Living Lab methodologies applied, indicates how both professional and amateurcreative industries are getting involved, and which supporting actions have been taken in order tofoster the creative industries in the different activities set up by the SPECIFI project. Within theSPECIFI project, the Kortrijk Pilot not only set up activities for the creative community, but also withthis community, jointly working out applications that fit their needs.The creative minds involved range from youngsters (age 13-14), late teens (age 18-22) as well as(semi-) professional artists and organisations, up to experienced professionals, sharing and enrichingeach-other’s ideas. 

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