Smart Platform Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet


Three Pilots for a Creative Ring

Three pilots will use Future Internet technologies as the basis for sharing and exchanging knowledge and innovation between three European smart city cores, embedded in their surrounding region: Kortrijk embedded in Flanders in Belgium, Barcelona embedded in Catalonia in Spain, and Trento embedded in Trentino in Italy.

It is the aim of SPECIFI to pilot ‘Creative Cores’ of urban media that overcome technological limitations, geographical fragmentation and lacking business models, by opening and linking Future Internet platforms and creative industry ecosystems. A Creative Core links creative and cultural facilities connected via future-proof digital infrastructure and aims at promoting and enhancing the network applications in cultural creation/ capturing and distribution. Linking and integrating different European Creative Cores together, SPECIFI will unleash their potential by establishing a Creative Ring.


The first pilot is based in Kortrijk and focuses on providing open API’s from Internet of Things (i.e. MAX) and Next-Generation Media (i.e. MediaHaven) platforms to application creators, and wants to demonstrate their potential by developing applications like PlayGround Kortrijk and by opening the API’s for the Flemish Creative Industries and on a larger scale for the Creative Industries in Europe. In addition, it pilots the exchange of creative real-time HD content between the Kortrijk and Barcelona Creative Ring.

  • In this context, the goal of PlayGround Kortrijk app developed by Kortrijk Pilot is “to offer quests in which the audience can, one by one, meet themselves, each other and the city while at the same time, delivering a technology-mediated experience, establishing the city as playground”. The tested app affords people visiting a city or event in an innovative and engaging way with a focus on inviting people towards places or events they may otherwise miss or simply pass. Discover more here. Watch the video!

The second pilot is based in Barcelona and aims to test a Creative Ring of ultrafast Internet connecting the city of Barcelona to other art houses and users at home connected over FTTH in the region of Catalonia so as to experiment and test various capacities involved in this linkage, including real time culture co-creation, share and distribution. It aims to create a distributed platform for real time culture co-creation and sharing over high performance networks. This has being done using two existing pilots related to cultural content creation. In addition, it wants to evaluate the media asset management systems provided by the Flemish Creative Ring and the Trento Creative Ring and plan to run an integrated test with one of these solutions.

  • Live media UHD capture, transmission and visualization services: Barcelona works on creating a distributed platform for real time culture co-creation and sharing over high performance networks. The distributed media platform is a low-latency, low-cost and customizable solution for video distribution between different fixed locations with sufficient connectivity. This solution has been tested for instance at ICT 2013 or Music Tech Fest Berlin 2014Watch the video!

The third pilot is based in Trento and provides an ICT platform capable to offer services (touristic virtual guides, touristic TV channels and video content) to promote the local territory, attract tourists and support them during their visits, and offering at the same time the opportunity to local creative industries, tourist promotion agencies and to all actors working in the tourism market value chain (such as accommodation, food, events, transportation, companies, but also shops, etc.) to monetize their products using the delivered tourist services as promotion  and advertising channels. In addition, it tests the integration of the real-time sensor platform from the Flemish Creative Ring. Some of the developed technologies in the context of this Pilot are: (Watch the video introduction!)

  • The informative video services are part of Gruppo Editoriale Trentino’s (GET) Multichannel Multimedia Delivery IPTV platform. This platform is developed for the delivery of multimedia content of Trentino at a regional, national  (Italian) and European level. With the informative video services GET aims to provide an ICT platform capable of offering informative video services related to local news, events and other relevant tourist information through TV channels. The service will be delivered to citizens and tourists via public kiosks (so called Totems). Read more hereWatch the video!
  • The concept of the use case IPTV Services is to deploy a multimedia content platform to deliver IPTV and Interactive TV services via a TV screen, fostering the distribution of localized content and information coming from the local territory and local stakeholders, offered according to new formats and concepts. Watch the video!
  • Augmented reality video services: a novel participatory multimedia communication technology that empowers organisations or individuals with interactive, video/audio based, geo-referenced video stories for digital storytelling about the territory. More information on technology and the VideoVivo offer can be found hereWatch the video!

Watch the video of "IoTogether": a interpiloting service collaboration between Trento and Barcelona!