Smart Platform Enabling the Creative Industries for the Future Internet


Focal areas that Smart Cities try to overcome are the reduction of pollution, traffic, or crime, and the introduction of models for public data. However, it is SPECIFI’s guiding principle that Smart Cities need to go beyond upgrades related to control tasks and public data. They can only become a success if they also become Smart Creative Cities, by employing open, Future Internet infrastructures to become thriving centres of arts, media and leisure. SPECIFI capitalizes on the cultural and creative richness and diversity of European cities, while overcoming some of their key weaknesses, i.e. fragmentation and isolation. SPECIFI will demonstrate the positive impacts of a European Creative Ring of Smart Cities and Regions, with real-life Future Internet (Fiber-to-the-Home and wireless) infrastructures, with real-life users and producers, and in 5 real (certified) Living Labs active in 3 smart cities and their surrounding regions.